Sunday, February 3

The Imperfect Picture

Are human beings rational beings? If your answer is yes, how would one fit hope into rationality? Hope is an irrational emotion we have as a consequence of our dreams which themselves aren't rational either. Prayers aren't rational. Love isn't rational. Forgiveness isn't rational. All the emotions that drives on human beings are irrational. Then what is it that qualifies us as a rational being? We are just a species who is desperately addicted to the idea of existence of logic and reason that would explain it all and we try to put pieces together and be happy every time it looks like we are getting a little headway in solving the jigsaw. We dance around in joy every time it appears like we can actually solve the non existent puzzle to create a perfect picture. But we invariably fail to create the whole picture because there ain't a perfect complete picture. There is no right fit. The pieces that are less wrong by some reason made up by the mind happen to be put together. Some try changing themselves to fit into the picture. Some others people try changing the pieces to make them fit and then throw the piece away when tired and pick up another piece to try their luck. Somewhere down the line, irrationality helps some of us to forget about the perfect picture and the pieces we destroyed and threw away and hold on tightly to whatever we have put together till then, believing it to be the only combination possible. The unfortunate ones are forced to shamefully pick up the pieces they threw away once. And some of these pieces find themselves too disfigured to fit anywhere because the picture they tried to fit themselves into fell apart. May be some one will pick those pieces up.

Anyway what is the point...


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